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Camp Information

Overall Camp Philosophy
Our Gustie Soccer Camps, run by IN2 Soccer, are grounded in developing the individual assets of each player and prepare them to succeed at the next level.  First and foremost, we believe in developing students of the game.  The best way to accomplish this is to develop the all-around soccer player by creating a platform on which to develop speed, coordination, flexibility and balance along with technical prowess, tactical awareness and mental strength.   We empower youth soccer players by inspiring them to strive for excellence, engaging them in the “next level” athletic experience, developing them as leaders, and encouraging them to learn and work hard in all aspects of their game.

Our approach to coaching focuses on the positives of each player and encourages them to focus on their strengths, while also providing feedback on what the next step in their development entails. By focusing on their strengths, Gustie Soccer Camps help accelerate the learning process, builds confidence, improves motivation and increases each camper’s passion for the game of soccer.

New in 2020: The Modern Game: Split Second Soccer

The game is played at optimum speed, which means players are finding themselves with less time on the ball, less time between passes and less time to make quality decisions. This year we will be focusing on becoming adept at controlling the speed of play by teaching the basics, teaching the basics at speed and teaching the basics with both feet.

Each session will focus on accomplishing the following:

  • Knowing when to increase tempo and when to slow the game down
  • Develop the skill of reading the game, anticipation and rapid, intelligent decision-making
  • Embed the art of deception
  • Cultivate bi-lateral capability