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Gustie Soccer High School Girls Camp

July 8th - 11th, 2018
Grades: 9th-12th, Entering in Fall 2018
Check In: Sunday, July 8th: 2:00pm - 3:30pm
Check Out: Wednesday, July 11th: 12:00pm
Residential: $420; 4 Days, 3 Nights
Commuter: $300; Includes Lunch & Dinner Daily
*Campers will receive t-shirt, dorm keys (if residential) and a copy of the camp schedule at check in.

Note, there is a non-refundable credit card fee.

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Cancellation Policy: Before June 15th, 2018 full camp credit will be issued for any reason if you cancel your registration.  After June 15th, 2018 a $100 administrative fee will be charged to all registrants who withdraw from the camp. If campers leave during camp, a $100 administrative fee will be charged and the remaining camp refund will be prorated. 

Camp Philosophy: The Gustavus Adolphus College Women’s Soccer Summer Camp, run by IN2 Soccer, is designed to provide an environment for players who aspire to improve their skills through advanced player development and exposure to NCAA collegiate coaches.  A combination of individual and team focus with an emphasis on speed of play, technical development and improvement of tactical understanding will be at the core of the camp curriculum.  

High school soccer players preparing to take their game to the next level, whether that be college, varsity, JV, premier or C1 club, both on and off the field will benefit from this camp.  Through quality position based coaching, college level sessions and evening matches utilizing different formations, participants will be prepared to succeed at the next level, whether that be C1 or Premier club, high school varsity or college.  Daily presentations focus on college recruiting, diet and nutrition, optimal performance, and injury prevention and recovery.  
New in 2018! In addition to being exposed to different topics and advanced levels of coaching, campers will also improve their technique, performance and engagement through exposure to the methodology of the Barcelona Football Club. Their club philosophy focuses on optimizing each individual’s ability by improving the interconnections between five fundamental concepts of the game:
  1. High individual and collective technical training
  2. Tactical understanding
  3. Focus on protecting the ball
  4. Mobility without the ball
  5. Functionality of players as a team 

Camp Features:

  • College Level coaches and sessions
  • Position specific technical and tactical sessions, including goalkeeper specific training
  • Evening 11 v. 11 games exploring different formations and tactics each night
  • Presentations: Injury Prevention, Nutrition and Diet, Optimal Performance including Strength and Conditioning and fitness testing, College Recruitment Process and how to maximize player exposure
  • Player Evaluations upon request
  • College players as mentors

What makes the Gustavus High School Girls Soccer Camp different from other camps?

  1. Each year we expose our campers to new training methodologies that most have never experienced. This year, our directors are taking what they learned in an exclusive series with coaches from the Barcelona Development Academy and implementing it into our camp training.
  2. There are no other NCAA Division III Institution in Southern Minnesota that is putting such focus and resources behind the development of high school girls soccer players. 
  3. College coaches can watch you play for a game or two and provide basic feedback based on your performance, but there is so much more to playing at the collegiate level.  The Gustavus Soccer Camp experience provides campers the opportunity to:
    • Be personally exposed to a high level of play in drills, small-sided and full field scrimmages
    • Increase visibility to collegiate coaches from across the state and take home individual evaluations that can be sent to collegiate coaches during the recruiting process
    • Showcase their ability in a variety of activities/environments: technical training, passing patterns, possession drills, position specific training, small-sided games and full field scrimmages (11v11).
    • Train with different players from a range of states and teams in addition to being coached by, and receive feedback from, different coaches and counselors each day
    • Build relationships with collegiate players who are passionate about youth player development
  4. Allow campers to be immersed into a residential collegiate soccer experience with fellow campers from across the Midwest who possess similar interests and aspirations of elevating their game to the next level

Daily Activities: Morning, afternoon and evening sessions with free swim and informational presentations throughout. 

Example of a Daily Schedule:
7:30am – Breakfast 
9:00-11:00am – Morning Session, Technical sessions with position specific training 
11:00-1:30pm – Lunch and Pool (optional) 
2:00-3:15pm – Afternoon Session, possession oriented sessions using different coaching methodologies
3:30-4:00pm – Informational Talk 
5:00-6:00pm – Dinner 
6:30-8:00pm – Evening Full Sided Games 
8:30-9:30pm – Evening Activities (optional) 

Meals: The Gustavus Dining service will prepare all meals and be served in the Evelyn Young Dining Center.  Please contact us regarding special dietary restrictions. 

Sunday: Dinner
Monday: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Tuesday: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Wednesday: Breakfast 
Campers will have the option to order Pizza from a camp counselor after the evening session. Pizzas will be delivered to the dorms.  Typically, pizzas will cost $10, cash only.  

Commuters: Arrive at soccer fields between 8:45-8:55am; pick up after evening session at soccer fields at 8:00pm or after evening activities at dorm at 9:30pm.  Commuters receive lunch and dinner on campus.