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IN2 Soccer
IN2 Soccer

Accommodations: Room & Board

Accommodations: Gustavus boasts a variety of dormitories for summer camps.  Typically the Gustie Soccer Camps are housed in Uhler Hall, the closest dorm to the Student Center and Market Place, as well as the Lund Center. 

Uhler Hall was dedicated in 1929 and named for a longtime professor. It was originally designed on the Harvard plan, with six stairwell/entrances (one serving each "house") opening to a common interior courtyard. In the early 1980s and most recently in Summer 2014, it was remodeled, now housing up to 185 in suites accessed from corridors on each of the three floors in both wings. Three different sizes of suites are available, including doubles, triples and quads. The lower level houses a kitchen, study room, computer room, television room, laundry and lounge.

Room Assignments & Roommate Requests: Please keep in mind that we do our very best to meet all roommate request, however due to the accommodation limitations we cannot always meet every request and we will be under no obligation to honor requests.  Roommate requests can be made at the time of registration or via email after registration, and every effort will be made to meet these accommodations.  However, as has always been the case, we cannot guarantee roommates. If you are requesting a roommate, the request must be reciprocal in order to be considered so please make sure they also request you as a roommate.  If no roommate is requested, each camper will be paired according to gender and age.

Campers registering close to the enrollment deadline are more likely not to receive their roommate request, unless both campers sign up for camp during this time and request to be in a double together. We will do our best to communicate with parents by email if the roommate requested is not signed up for camp to provide them an opportunity to request another roommate.  

Rooms are designed for two people and it is preferred that two people stay together.  We can accommodate a limited number of triples and quads, however these are not guaranteed and are first come first serve when entire party has registered for camp. We also work to “cluster” rooms together for larger groups and teams; please request this via email after registration. Again, if no roommate is requested, each camper will be paired according to gender and age.

Each camper will be given a set of keys (a fab for the main doors and individual room keys) and they will be expected to hold onto these keys for the duration of camp before turning them in at checkout.  The college charges $75 per lost key.  Lost keys are the responsibility of each camper. 

Dorm Supervision: There are always at least two coaches or camp counselors on Dorm Duty from 8:00am until lights out, either directly outside the dorms or in the lobby upon entry, except during the field sessions.  During the field sessions, no camper is allowed to remain in the dorms.  If they are unable to attend the field session due to an illness or injury, then they will either be expected to come out to the fields to observe or stay in our athletic training room under supervision from our certified athletic trainers. 

In the evenings, the head coaches and camp counselors all stay overnight in the dorms.  These individuals will be dispersed throughout the different floors of campers with signs on their doors so camper know who they are and where they are located.  Our Assistant Camp Director also stays in the dorms as the head supervisor at night and Gustavus Campus Safety makes regular checks 24/7. 

Overall, all coaches and counselors are with the campers throughout the day for meals, field session and camp activities.  We provide every camper with a campus tour on the first day of camp so they know their way around campus.  There are lifeguards on duty during open pool time and certified athletic trainers available from 7:00am-10:00pm. 

Meals: Gustavus dining services will provide all meals served to campers in the Evelyn Young Dining Center.  All meals during camp (breakfast, lunch and dinner for residential campers and lunch and dinner for commuter campers) will be all-you-can-eat. 

Gustavus is known for its great food!  Princeton Review has repeatedly ranked the Gustavus Market Place in the top ten out of all college cafeterias in the country, with the Market Place currently ranked #8.  Ask anyone who’s visited Gustavus and they will probably mention the excellent food.  We offer a range of food options including the grill, rotisserie chicken cooked daily, pasta, Mexican, Chinese, gluten free and vegetarian dishes, wraps/sandwiches made to order, homemade soups, an extensive salad bar, fresh fruit and desserts from our on-campus bakery!

Gustavus Dining Service attempts to provide nutrition information that is as complete as possible. Nutritional information is calculated using reliable database content, information provided by manufacturers, and standardized recipe and preparation methods. There may be normal variation in some products due to the use of regional suppliers, seasonal influences, and differences in product preparation at the kitchen level, recipe revisions, and other factors. This information is subject to change and will be updated periodically. Our kitchen and bakery uses nuts, gluten, and other ingredients that contain allergens.